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Bad Kreuznach American High School Get-together
Nashville TN - 2013   
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Front lft-rgt: Jeannie 'Morrow' Hooper, Ron Ward, Linda 'Gray' Dennis, Irene 'Bloom' Whalen, Cathi 'Thurmond' Self, Cheryl 'Silvers' Ohrt, Loretta 'Harlow' Cronk, Dave Akridge, Renate 'Eugene' Espinal. Standing lft-rgt: Dave O'Steen, Mickie O'Steen, Jerry Neary, Mike Cronk, Ken Morrow, Jerry Laney, Don Thielke, Joe Schwieger, Ed Goggin, Curt Mackey, Jim Burke

BKer's, spouse's & children

Class of 1964: Mike Cronk, Joe Schwieger, Mickie O'Steen and Ron Ward

Class of 1965: Jerry Neary, Ken Morrow & Don Thielke

1966: Cheryl Ohrt, Loretta Cronk, Jim Burke, Ed Goggin, Linda Dennis, Renate Espinal, Curt Mackey, Cathi Self (seated) Dave Akridge & Jerry Laney

Class of 1967: Dave O'Steen

Class of 1968: Irene Whalen & Jeannie Hooper

I was 'framed' I didn't steal that BK letter

The "Popcorn Bandits"

Jim Burke holding their attention

Bob Self, Judy Ward & Cathi Self

Brenda & Ken Morrow, Judy (Ron's wife) Ward, Jeannie 'Morrow' Hooper & Cathi 'Thurmond' Self

Cheryl 'Silvers' Ohrt & daughter Kricket

Curt Mackey, Mike & Loretta 'Harlow' Cronk, Mickie O'Steen, Jerry Neary & Joe Schwieger

Jean & Linda


Dave, Mickie, Mike & Joe

Kitty, Linda & Jean

Neary, Ed, Renate, Jim & Dave

Mike, Dave, Ed & Jerry

Jerry clowning around - as usual